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Home Modification for Seniors and the Disabled - For seniors and individuals with disabilities, the right home modifications go a long way toward helping people live independently and safely in their home.

Best Medical Alert Systems Of 2019 - Saftey.com - Though medical alert systems are most closely associated with senior citizens, they’re a powerful tool for a variety of ages and medical conditions. Here are unexpected benefits of medical alert systems you may not have realized.

Emergency Preparedness Elderly - Electricity emergency preparedness for Senior citizens and their caretakers.

All Safety Guide - The official site of the National Council for Home Safety and Security. On Alarms.org, consumers will find important research, articles, reports, and everything else they need to know about home security and safety.

A Guide to Helping Senior Citizens Stay Safe at Home - GoodCall® talked with certified aging-in-place specialists about the dangers of senior citizens face living at home and how to mitigate the problems.

25 Home Safety Tips for Seniors - The complete guide to making a home safe for seniors (yes, really). This expert-written guide covers fall prevention, fire safety, monitoring and more.

Senior Safety at Home - This resource guide will review the steps that can be taken to create a safe living area for seniors, discuss how technology can assist, and how to gauge the warning signs that indicate an entirely different approach may be necessary. It concludes with a list of resources for additional information on senior safety.

Expertise.com - This guide will identify legal, financial, and professional resources available to citizens, seniors, and veterans looking to remodel their home.

Sensors Help Keep the Elderly Safe, and at Home - New technologies help older people to live alone and avoid trips to hospitals or nursing homes.

AdaptMy.com - Aging in place? Your home does not have to look institutional. From simple to simply gorgeous, we'll help you create an accessible home that you can be comfortable in. Whether you have a family member with a disability or are just looking for a safe, comfortable style you can grow old with, we have the largest collection of universally designed products anywhere! This site is a retailer, but it has great suggestions to get you thinking about how your home can be more comfortable.

The Home Safety Council (HSC) is the only national nonprofit organization solely dedicated to preventing home related injuries that result in nearly 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits on average each year.

A Place for Mom is proud to be the nation's largest elder care referral service. We provide comprehensive resources about senior housing and elder care options to seniors and families in need. A Place for Mom provides seniors and families with one-on-one guidance and assistance during this difficult process. Tips for house safety.

Pay Attention to Electric Works in Older Homes - Electrics in an older home should be replaced soon enough to ensure safety of individuals living in the house.

Taking care in your home - When you read product labels, look for signal words. Signal words are found on labels of new products and let you know how toxic a product is. Older products in your home may not list signal words. Drugs and personal care products are not required to list them, although many are hazardous.

How to Find a Handyman - Resist the temptation to pick up the phone book and start leafing through it, looking for nearby handymen or general contractors.