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  Michele Jackman has been assisting executives with change management processes and staff motivation for over 40 years. She has an extensive background in Environmental Protection, and was the Technical Advisor for the original Clean Up, Conservation, Control, and the Prevention of Pollution (C3P2) Program for the Department of Defense. She has worked for the National Forest Service, National Parks, Cal Trans Environmental, and for California State Parks on their Leaderships and Management programs. She has provided tailored facilitations and trainings to various governmental agencies through UCD Extension and through her own company since 1982. She taught Organizational Psychology at UCSB and has provided services to literally hundreds of government workers. | HRxpress, Human Resources Solutions
  Rotarian introduced Michele Jackman, CEO/Marketing Director of She is a frequently sought-after speaker who specializes in improving the quality of life through advice on how to overcome uncomfortable and stressful situations. By visiting her website,, one can learn of her book, Boosting Your SENSE of Humor and Banishing Negative Stress.

Michele’s talk was titled, “Getting Older, Wiser and Laughing All the Way.” She spoke of the need to maintain a healthy outlook on life through laughter, even in responses to awkward situations by returning responses that frequently invoke laughter.

An example she used was when a tour boat captain who had ordered pizza for his guests faced rough waters and his all his passengers were thrown into the water. His comment was, “I guess we will not be having pizza.”

Her observation is that one should always attempt to evoke laughter because that always makes things seem lighter. She recommends that humor can even be useful in the work place because that is where people are usually under stressful situations. Her comment is that, “Life is better when you are happy, but life is BEST when you make other people happy because of what you are doing.”

When making a mistake in a presentation, one can ask, “Can anyone think of other ways to do this incorrectly?” Even when speaking to your boss and you don’t agree with his/her position, you can add, ‘If I agree with you, we might both be wrong.” | Rotary Club of Santa Barbara North
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