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Michele Jackman, MSW, MA—Author, speaker, motivational consultant, facilitator, and professional trainer and coach. Michele has provided training and facilitation to hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, and with many cities, state, and federal governmental agencies with many accolades for her work.

Provides consulting and training on service delivery, quality, employee retention and change management to clients including Cisco, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, AT&T, HP, and Deckers Outdoor Corp.

  • Works with private, public and nonprofit organizations; and has developed tools and techniques that are extremely useful and efficient
  • Frequent presenter at conferences on the subject of promoting change and transition and has taught at UCSC Extension since 1990
  • Teaches at various Leadership and Coaching Academies
  • Co- author of Star Teams: Key Players, a Fortune Book Club selection in 1991, and has been listed in Who's Who in Business and Finance for many years
  • Former adjunct faculty member for HR/Behavioral Science Management courses, and Organizational Psychology at UCSB and Antioch University.
  • Currently teaches in various management certificate workforce development programs for UC Davis Extension, UCSB Extension, and is adjunct faculty to many Corporate and Governmental learning centers, including DMV and CalPERS. 

Employment History

  • Worked in Program Management/Leadership roles in both the private and the public sector in County, State, Federal and International arenas.
  • Consistently received outstanding ratings and ultimately, the Commander's Medal for Civilian Service (the highest award in a series of awards) for her work in the US Army, overseas and internationally.
client lists

In addition to facilitation, Michele Jackman’s projects have included meeting management courses, project management courses, motivational seminars, company revitalization programs, conference keynotes, endnotes to hundreds of groups, with many repeat and annual engagements. Over 1000 city, county, state, and federal organizations have benefited and utilized Michele's services or training. She has worked  with social service departments, environmental planning, finance, economic development departments, customer service programs (including 911), as well as with planning, pubic works, police and fire organizations. She teaches workplace ethics, and prevention of harassment courses.

Non-profit & Non-government
(Partial List)
(Partial List)
  • California Sate Volunteer Association
  • American Women in Radio and Television
  • American Museum Association National Conference
  • Blue Shield/ Blue Cross Aspen Conference
  • Young Presidents’ Organization
  • State of California, Governor Resources Agency
  • State Head Start Programs
  • Employment Development Department
  • Mid Management Practices--California State Parks Training Center
  • Channel Islands Foundation
  • Kern County Human Services Conference
  • Association of County Governments (California)
  • California Parks League
  • California Girls State
  • Department of Defense
  • National Park Service
  • National Forest Service
  • State of California
  • California State Parks
  • California Department of Forestry
  • CalPERs
  • State Water Resources Agency
  • River Conservancy
  • Monterey County
  • Orange County
  • Sacramento County
  • Santa Clara County
  • Santa Clara Water District
  • Santa Barbara County
  • Santa Cruz County
  • San Luis Obispo County
  • Sonoma County
  • Ventura County
  • Los Angeles County
  • Tulare County
  • University of California
HealthCare & Public Education
(Partial List)
Business & Finance
(Partial List)
  • Amdahl Corporation
  • American Medical Association
  • Blue Shield Blue Cross
  • California Medical Review Board
  • Deckers Outdoor Corporation
  • Gennentech
  • HYSEC (Genetic Engineering)
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Mayo Clinical Labs
  • Medtronics Corporation
  • Mercer Financial Advisors
  • Merck Pharmaceuticals & Hall/Zimmer Medical Appliances
  • Prudential Insurance
  • 3M Corporation
  • American Hospitality and Hotel Association
  • American Institute of Banking
  • American Women in Radio/Television
  • AT&T, Inc.
  • California Correspondent Banker’s Retreat
  • Ericsson
  • First Republic Bank
  • GTE Information Systems
  • Kinko's Conferences
  • Mid-State Bank
  • QAD, Inc.
  • QEI Design & Training Associates
  • Santa Barbara Bank & Trust
  • SCO (Santa Cruz Operations)
  • Siemens Creative Labs
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • Star Radio
  • TCI Communications
  • The Coastal Properties Inc. (Carmel)
  • The Monterey Plaza Hotel and Spa
  • VIACOM International, Inc.
  • Watkins Johnson SEGAstex
  • Wells Fargo
Science & Technology
(Partial List)
  • Raytheon Systems Co.
  • OracleImprise (Borland)
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Cisco Systems



Partial Listing of Reviews

"Michele Jackman is very clever! I could take the seminar over and over and still get fresh perspectives and insights.  That presentation is never outdated." - Line Manager in reference to the "Whoopee!" - Humor Seminar

“I like most… the pace of the class, the handouts, the class participation” - Program Manager, Compaq

"She kept the session upbeat; and allowed everyone to share their ideas in a way that they wanted to. Materials were thorough and easy to understand."

"We have been working with her for years and have had not just great training, but great results." - VP Operations, Deckers Outdoor Corporation

“Highly interactive. Illustrated with many visuals, situations to reinforce the topic. A very dynamic trainer.” - Software Director, Airprime, Inc.

“The learning in this class can be easily applied to my current team and I truly feel that we will benefit from it. Michele is an excellent instructor and passionate about her work.” - Governmental Employee

“Material was really interesting and applicable. Michele delivered the material in a totally entertaining and fun way!” - QA Manager, Peoplesoft

“Instructor very well organized, the material was very useful!” - Government Employee

"We are re-inspired and look forward to applying these tools we learned and tested. You have a clear sense of "governmental life" and adapted the concepts well to our setting. It really helps to know how these ideas work in government too!" - Governmental Department Head

"Very informative, exciting delivery of materials and tools covered . . . I know where to begin when I get back to my team." - Program Manager, High Technology Company

After a major reorganization - "Thank you for helping us turn around a difficult situation. We never believed that the post-merger integration of staff could flow so smoothly." - Technology CEO

"Michele Jackman has been advising us for several years and provides highly insightful and practical updates on current management issues and tools." - President, Software Publishing Company

"Michele Jackman is one of the most responsive speakers I have ever experienced. She goes the extra mile to make sure people comprehend material and get questions answered. It was a great investment of time and resources!" - Quality Manager

"Liked most . . . Michele’s relevant and vast experience, tying in relevant stories and great humor to facilitate learning." - HR Manager

"I was impressed by the way she addressed all of our expectations and needs." - Government Employee

"It was very motivational. The instructor provided examples and stories to clarify the concepts." - Civil Engineer

"This was a great class. Everything was great, especially the instructor’s positive attitude." - Systems Support Lead, Instill Inc.

“There was lots of interactive time and all questions were answered.” - Government Employee

“The instructor was very clear on this subject, and modeled great interaction with participants I am a difficult learner with lots of ‘yeah buts,’ but she was respectful and DID answer my questions.”

“I will try to remember every second of this course.”