OWLWorks | PowerPoints

A list of fun, interesting, thought-provoking, and inspirational PowerPoints that are from those "forwarded emails you get everyday from your friends and family." Enjoy!

1955 (Those were the Good Ol' Days?)
A look at costs and anxieties | 14 Slides (in PDF)

30 Signs of Social Media Addiction
Absurdities of social media seen in cartoons | 32 Slides (in PDF)

6 Little Stories
Faith, Trust, Hope, Confidence, Love, Attitude | 7 Slides (in PDF)

7 Wonders of the World
Through a child's eyes | 13 Slides (in PDF)

A Dog's Office
Dog photos to match office jobs | 21 Slides (in PDF)

Better to Wine than to Whine
Keeping perspective according to wine | 15 Slides (in PDF)

Bucket List in Reverse (It's all about Heights)
Things I will NOT do before I Die! | 18 Slides (in PDF)

Comical Signs and Situations
Seeing irony in signs | 14 Slides (in PDF)

Did You Know to Do This?
Helpful hints for using everyday items? | 15 Slides (in PDF)

Animals can show emotions, too! | 24 Slides (in PDF)

Ideas (Why Didn't I Think about That?)
More helpful hints for using everyday items? | 7 Slides (in PDF)

Inventions by Women
Thinking outside of the box | 18 Slides (in PDF)

Memories of the 50's
It was what it was | 22 Slides (in PDF)

No Matter the Species
Parenting is the same | 23 Slides (in PDF)

People under 30 may have no idea what these photos are about | 57 Slides (in PDF)

Nostalgia for Some
It's in the perspective of the person looking at these photos | 13 Slides (in PDF)

Misleading twists with unexpected outcomes in language | 9 Slides (in PDF)

Real Road to WHOOPEE
Roads Less Traveled | 18 Slides (in PDF)

Senior Calendar
German retirement community calendar with seniors | 14 Slides (in PDF)

Signs of Our Times
Real signs that you might have to read twice | 14 Slides (in PDF)

Tongue in Cheek? | 11 Slides (in PDF)

The Future is Here (Trendy)
What was science fiction is real today | 10 Slides (in PDF)

There's No Stopping usOWLs
Seniors living life to the fullest | 12 Slides (in PDF)

Thinking and Humor
People who are not clearly thinking | 9 Slides (in PDF)

Thinking Straight?
Health awareness of the 1900's | 19 Slides (in PDF)

Vintage Innovations
First attempts at inventions that became everyday items used today | 12 Slides (in PDF)

What Your Body Does in a Day
No wonder I'm always tired | 20 Slides (in PDF)

Wisdom of Owls
"Brainy Quotes" with OWL photos | 14 Slides (in PDF)