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Learn how to avoid those deals too good to be true, and stay with highly rated insurance solutions. Check out stories on strategies which can help you survive those extra decades you now have.

While everyone needs car, homeowners and health insurance, there are specific types of insurance that are very pertinent to seniors or retirees. These senior insurances are detailed below and each link takes you to more detail on the topic. usOWLs.com encourages you to discuss information you find here with your insurance broker and estate planner.

AgingCare.com - Information on insurance for elderly, including: long-term care insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, health care insurance and more.

Car Insurance Comparisons

Best Life Insurance Companies Reviewed

Senior Life Insurance - While the common reason to get life insurance is to replace income for the family should we die and our income stops, seniors or retirees are not dependent on their labor for income. Therefore, it seems that senior life insurance would be superfluous. But life insurance for seniors has other uses to solve other problems, such as providing liquidity at death, ease of estate settlement and division, create a pool of money for special needs, to create an estate and to pay estate taxes.

Annuities Explained - Annuities are one of the most confusing ways to invest your money and if you don’t understand how annuities work then you’re not alone. That is the reason why I decided to create Annuities Explained which will help explain what annuities are and how they work, the various types of annuities, the pros and cons of annuities and perhaps most importantly, how to buy annuities. I will try to go in to further detail in future posts and I invite you to ask questions along the way.