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Recall that we used to be interested in the latest fashion—now become interested in the latest “apps” to remain in the know—learn something important to you, and study again.

Research shows that your mind is expanding, not getting lost—learn it, you only have to remember what you want now! Intelligence goes up as we age, getting wiser means letting NEW thoughts into your head and adventures into your soul.

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At usOWLs.com we will continually offer brain games to keep you sharp, the latest training for seniors on computers, and the SIMPLIST applications for you to use. You can connect with us to find online, in-your-home learning opportunities that can expand your mind and outlook.

If you are seeking an advanced degree or a degree you could not afford earlier, let us help you find one that fits your wallet and connects you to learning opportunities or group learning sessions.

Armchair travel, the best video travel logs, and wonderful speakers on serious topics you have always wanted to know about are online and affordable.

Games for the Brain - Play never ending quiz, memory & brain games to train your thinking.

Lumiosity - Improve memory and attention with scientific brain games. Play games and train your brain to boost overall mental power and performance.

lynda.com - Software training & tutorial video library. Our online courses help you learn critical skills. Free access & previews on hundreds of tutorials.

How to Stay Smart - Becoming intellectually comfortable with a hum drum existence is a sure fire way to let your brain go to mush. Intellectual lethargy is just as damaging as its physical counterpart, and should be avoided at all costs. You must engage in physical and mental exercises throughout your life to stay fit and smart.